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The Power Of Olaplex To Repair Your Hair

Few brands are as hyped about as Olaplex. You can’t scroll through Instagram or TikTok without seeing someone talking about this brand. It sells itself as a miracle for hair damage repair. What makes it so special? We’re looking beyond the technical words and molecular data to explain how Olaplex works for your hair. When it comes to hair damage repair, Olaplex is the go-to brand that we recommend investing in.

The Original Bond Builder

Olaplex has a patented active chemical formula that works deep into your hair to repair damaged and broken bonds. If you suffer from breakage, fine, or dull-looking hair, this is the formula you want to look into. This formula serves a triple purpose to repair the broken bonds in your hair and rejuvenate its appearance.

Your hair goes through a lot every day. Whether it’s styling with hot tools or pollution, the bond builder helps restore your hair’s elasticity to allow it to bounce back. The patented Olaplex system helps protects your hair follicles from further breakage.

Olaplex ticks all the boxes as it repairs, restores, and protects your hair. It can repair extremely damaged hair and return its natural luster.

What are bonds?

Your hair is made up of millions of bonds that provide its stability, strength, and structure. It is these bonds that make or break your hair. The damage in your hair is caused when these bonds are broken by tension or free radical damage.

Olaplex works by repairing these bonds from the inside out using their patented ingredient – Bis-Aminoproply Diglycol Dimaleate. While it has a complicating name, this ingredient helps your bonds regain their alignment and repairs the damaged bonds to leave them intact.

What type of hair damage does Olaplex repair?

The short answer is any. Olaplex is a popular brand for hair damage repair products because it works directly at the source. It repairs broken bonds caused by thermal factors – like your blow dryer or flat iron. If you’re someone who uses a chemical or color treatment, Olaplex will protect the bonds in your hair or repair any damage from previous treatments.

Even if you’ve never treated your hair with a chemical product, you likely have some level of hair damage. The friction and tugging caused by brushing wet hair can also break these all-important bonds. The one issue we all suffer from is the damage caused by environmental factors. Whatever climate you live in, free radicals and weather conditions can damage your hair. Everything from UV damage to extreme cold and pollution breaks down your hair’s bonds.

Is Olaplex for me?

Everyone can benefit from incorporating Olaplex products into their regular haircare routine. You can get immediately visible results as the patented formula improves your hair’s strength and vitality. The beauty of Olaplex is that it’s designed to benefit every hair type – whether you have stick-straight hair or bouncy curls.

We offer a range of Olaplex products in the salon for you to try out. Are you not sure which products are right for you? One of our stylists will be on hand to help and choose the right system for you!

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