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Surviving Winter: A Self Care Guide

Winter is cold, gloomy and LONG! It’s especially isolating during a pandemic. Self care is important as it’s a healthy relationship with yourself, feeding positive energy to your mind and body. We give you some ideas to “warm” your days. Try one through January and take care of yourself. Those who love you will appreciate it and most importantly, so will you.

• Write in a journal.

• Get outside and breath the fresh air!

• Get cozy in soft, warm pajamas, a favored robe or some fuzzy socks!

• Connect with friends. Text someone you’ve been meaning to reach out to.

• Exercise. Try some yoga or a new exercise routine.

• Enjoy a warm drink.

• Start a creative project.

• Indulge in a good moisturizer

• Try a new hairstyle! What a great pick me up! Contact Rainbow Room Salon for a consultation.

• Listen to some music.

• Buy a new plant or some fresh flowers

• Breathe. Inhale deeply for 5 seconds, hold it for 5 seconds and exhale for 5 seconds.

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