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How To Get The Best Hair Cut Of Your Life

These tips will ensure you walk out with the best hair cut of your life!

✂︎Talk it out first with your stylist. Every cut should have an individualized approach, and it’s so important that you discuss this with your stylist. Explain why you want the cut. Is your hair damaged? Are you trying to grow out your layers? These answers will allow your stylist to consider changes in your haircare and styling routines — plus, they’ll help ensure the best results possible.

Be realistic about how much time you’re willing to commit to your daily beauty routine. If you’re a wash-and-go girl, there are styles that may suit you better than others.

✂︎Physically point to where you want your end results. Using visual communication is the best way to avoid your stylist taking off way more than you were expecting. Inches can be different for everyone, so having a visual representation is important.

✂︎If you’re going for a major chop, make sure you’re ready for it. Going from very long hair to super short can be traumatic for some people, so make sure to give yourself plenty of time to mull it over. Deciding to hack off all your hair on a whim or because you just need a change will only magnify your disappointment.

✂︎Bring in a picture of the cut you want. Photos give your stylist a much clearer idea of what you envision. But while pictures are a great way to communicate likes, dislikes and style, be prepared for further discussion. The same style looks different on everyone. Using descriptive language like blunt, chunky, feathered, or arched is the best way to get across exactly what you expect.


Never underestimate the importance of product in recreating your style at home, so once your stylist hooks you up with your cut, it’s time to stock up.

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