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7 Tips For Getting Your Best Curly Cut

Bad haircuts are mortifying no matter your hair texture. A bad cut on curly hair can take several months, sometime years, to correct and grow out. To make the most of your curls—and to avoid

any freak-outs, meltdowns or OMG salon moments—use these expert tips for getting your best cut. Tip #1: Select a stylist who specializes in curls. Your needs are vastly different from those with straight hair, so it is essential to find a stylist who knows exactly how to cater to and cut curls. Ouidad has spent 31 years perfecting the art of cutting curls, and we have passed that knowledge on to many stylists in that time. You can find a Ouidad certified stylist here. We at Rainbow Room Salon are a certified Ouidad Salon for curly haired girls.

Tip #2: Consultation! Consultation! Consultation! We recommend that you have a thorough consultation with your stylist before your curls even hit the shampoo bowl. Hair stretches 70% when wet and takes on a very different form than its natural dry state. The consultation allows your stylist to view the shape and specific needs of your curls. Once the curl expert has an idea of the perfect cut for your curls, then you can proceed with the haircut. Tip #3: What’s your type? Ouidad identifies four specific curl types: Loose, Classic, Tight and Kinky. Understanding your curl type allows you to explore the cuts and styles that will work best for your unique hair. Your hairdresser will assess things like your curl pattern, curl length, hair health and face shape, then recommend a cut uniquely designed just for your curl type.

Tip #4: Treat yourself! You’re already at the salon, so why not spend a little extra time and treat your curls? Ouidad’s Deep Treatment Curl Restoration Therapy has been a signature service for curls for over three decades because it replaces the eight amino acids and two proteins that curly hair loses over time. Deep Treatment reboots the curl pattern while nourishing and treating the hair, leaving curls soft, shiny and optimized for the haircut. The Deep Treatment only requires only 12 minutes and is designed to treat all four curl types. Tip #5: Styling lessons for home. Whether you’re there for a trim, re-shaping or a major chop, it’s important that your stylist help you to understand exactly how to recreate the curl patterns, shape and look once you leave the salon. Your stylist should offer expert curl tips for easy replication at home. Don’t leave their chair unless you feel completely at ease with caring for your new haircut. Tip #6: Prescription plan! Consult with your curl expert on the best Ouidad prescription to keep your new haircut and style treated, styled and in the best shape possible. Tip #7: Plan your next appointment. Whether you’re working toward a style goal or simply need a maintenance program, schedule your next haircut appointment before you leave the salon. Doing so will ensures a regular date with your curl expert, and also keep you on track to care for your locks on a consistent basis.

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